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Oct 22, 2012 6:00am EDT
war zone, in a country where the united states may be very unpopular, people will relate to you as a human being. there will be local cultures of hospitality that take over and effectively protect you. you rely on your fellow human beings to look after you. often, as a foreigner, i am better taken care of by people in many places than if the same people i and interacting with were dealing with locals. as an american? >> it was ok. people are eager to meet an american, even when they are not happy to meet an american. they are polite. there was an occasion where i went to afghanistan to sit with a man who had been a notorious opium trafficker. there was little doubt. he did not want to talk or see me. but it is afghanistan. i am his guest. he has to offer me tea. they spent the whole time complaining about the united states. this was 2002. even though they were very angry, they were going to give me tea. fine. way. most people are friendlier than that. most people invite you home and have a lot want to say. it is as if in many cases people had been thinking about the united states a l
Sep 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
debt of the united states, the budget, on its current trajectory, will bankrupt the country if we do not do something. >> what is the worst that could happen? >> what almost happened last summer when the idiots, the republican idiots, decided we can have the country default on its debt and that would be fine. if you have ever been a banking reporter, which i have, if there is anything resembling a default on u.s. debt, it is a disaster worldwide. i thought we had learned something from that a year ago. apparently, we have not. the worst thing that happens is a u.s. default on its debt. it would be catastrophic. for no reason, idiotic. it is crazy. >> what is the result? >> every bank in the united states, every major bank, is bankrupt. suddenly, your capital is gone. a lot of capital is tied up in government securities. >> what happens if i go to the bank and what my money? >> it might or may not still be there. it is not like the banks would close. they would not be able to lend. it was like four years ago where you were facing massive bank failures. you still get your money but you
Oct 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
mexico or some other place other than the united states? >> my dad ran the business with his two bores. -- brothers. they were adamant to keep their products made in the united states. however, i would say the vast majority, something like 60% of my father's went out of business. partly because of it was just cheaper to make things overseas. >> how many documentaries have you done before this one? >> a lot. i've been making films over ten years. this is our fifth documentary feature off of theaters. we made a lot of small and large television products for hbo. we make our living in the nonfiction world which is rare and lucky. >> are you based? >> new york city. >> which of those documentaries made it biggest? >> jesus camp. we made a film called "jesus camp." we lost to al gore convenient truth. we all knew we were going to lose. it really sort of struck a nerve. it was really a look at the evangelical right through the eyes of children who are being home schooled and creationism, etcetera. it was at that time in 2007 a real window into this world. we impact judgment on the kids. sort
Oct 15, 2012 6:00am EDT
president of united states was not warned. that was a big oversight. the plane got shot down. 1968. a big to do. the cold war ended a very dangerous phase. the cia basically betrayed. eisenhower was mad at himself that he did not fire dulles. i took his son, john. he was 90 years old. very much alert. i had lunch with him recently. really interesting guy. he worked in the white house for his father. john eisenhower, as they flew to that summit meeting, john eisenhower went to his father and said, you should have fired him. eisenhower blew up defensively and told off his son. he blew up because he was mad at himself for not firing allen dulles earlier. it reminded me of george bush. they are similar, george h. w. bush. they would say things like, i am president and you are not. eisenhower said to his son, i am the president and you are not. it is a feeble defense. do not question my judgment. eisenhower is not that way normally. he welcomed criticism and would engage in debates. on something like this, i think he knew he had blown it. he regretted it. >> what book is this for you? >> numbe
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)